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Name: Dr. Shivanand. V. Hongal

Designation: Senior scientist & Head

Date of Joining: 11.03.2023

Contact Details: 8147572913

E-mail Id:

  Name : Dr. Anil kumar S.

Designation: Scientist(SS&AC)

Date of Joining: 03.08.2019

Contact Details:9743196196

E-mail id:

   Name : Dr. Manjunth Reddy T.B.

Designation: Scientist(Plant Protection)

Date of Joining: 11.10.2023

Contact Details:9845993976

E-mail id:

   Name: Dr. Shashidhar K.R.

Designation: Scientist (Sericulture)

Date of Joining: 17.01.2014

Contact Details: 9242503992

E-mail Id:

   Name: Dr. Chikkanna G.S.

Designation: Scientist (Home science)

Date of Joining: 22.06.2016

Contact Details: 9148889314

E-mail Id:

Name: Dr. Asha K. M

Designation: Scientist (Horticulture)

Date of Joining: 13.03.2023

Contact Details: 9964688047

E-mail Id:

   Name:  Mrs. Swathi G.R

Designation: SMS(Agrometeorology)

Date of Joining: 04.11.2019

Contact Details: 8296714350

E-mail Id:


 Name:  Mr. Umesha Naik

Designation: Technical Officer(Farm)

Date of Joining: 03.03.2014

Contact Details: 8792632448

E-mail Id:

  Name:  Mrs. C.S.Gnana Sudha

Designation: Technical Officer(Computers)

Date of Joining: 27.01.2014

Contact Details: 9590179990

E-mail Id:

   Name:  Mr. Gurunath D Sutagatti

Designation: Programme Assistant(Lab)

Date of Joining: 03.06.2023

Contact Details: 7975591243

E-mail Id:

   Name:  Mrs. Savitri Rudrapur

Designation: Stenographer

Date of Joining: 12.03.2014

Contact Details: 9886878062

E-mail Id:

  Name : Shruthi .K

Designation: Accountant

Date of Joining: 03.09.2021

Contact Details : 910854610

E-maild id:


Name : Prashanth B.G

Designation: Driver

Date of Joining: 14.06.2023

Contact Details : 8553099001

E-maild id:


Name : Bharamappa Madar

Designation: Driver

Date of Joining: 14.06.2023

Contact Details : 9902004795

E-maild id:


Name : Venugopal

Designation: Gardener

Date of Joining: 03.06.2023

Contact Details : 9686368418

E-maild id:

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